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Travel often brings about questions, concerns, and uncertainties, and we're here to address them all. Whether your inquiries are routine or unique, you've come to the right place. Here, we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about working with us to put your mind at ease. However, if your specific question isn't covered here, don't hesitate to reach out via email - we're always eager to assist and chat with you!

Booking your vacation through a trusted travel agency like Parlo Tours can greatly enhance your travel experience. These experts provide destination knowledge, personalized recommendations, and exclusive deals, saving you time and money. They also excel at reducing stress by handling logistics, offering emergency support, and providing personalized services, such as reservations and cultural insights.


For group travel or special events, travel agents, including Parlo Tours, streamline the planning process and secure cost-effective group rates. They can guide you in selecting suitable travel insurance and take accountability for your arrangements. While there may be associated fees, the convenience, expertise, and peace of mind they offer, especially through reputable agencies like Parlo Tours, make them a valuable choice for travelers seeking a seamless and enjoyable vacation. In essence, partnering with a seasoned travel agent like Parlo Tours can elevate your travel experience.

Using a travel agency typically doesn't involve paying extra fees directly. However, some travel agencies may charge service fees for specialized services or complex itineraries, so it's advisable to inquire about any potential fees upfront.


In summary, while you may not incur additional costs when using a travel agency for standard bookings, it's essential to be aware of possible service fees and to clarify any charges before finalizing your travel arrangements through the agency.

Booking your trip with Parlo Tours offers several compelling reasons:


  1. Expertise: Parlo Tours is known for its extensive destination knowledge and expertise. Our travel professionals can provide valuable insights, insider tips, and recommendations to help you make the most of your trip.

  2. Customization: Parlo Tours specializes in creating personalized travel experiences. We can tailor your itinerary to match your preferences, ensuring your trip aligns with your interests and desires.

  3. Convenience: Booking through Parlo Tours simplifies the travel planning process. We handle all the details, from arranging accommodations and transportation to securing necessary permits, visas, and tickets, saving you time and effort.

  4. Safety and Support: Parlo Tours prioritizes your safety and well-being during your travels. We have established support systems to assist you in case of emergencies or unexpected issues.

  5. Group Travel: If you're traveling with a group, we can efficiently coordinate all aspects of your journey, making group travel seamless and enjoyable.

  6. Peace of Mind: With Parlo Tours, you have a reliable partner to turn to throughout your journey. We can assist with changes to your itinerary, provide recommendations for activities, and ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

  7. Quality Assurance: Parlo Tours often has a strong reputation for delivering quality travel experiences. Reviews and testimonials from previous travelers can attest to the company's reliability and customer satisfaction.

  8. Value for Money: We are committed to providing value for your trips. Our packages often include a range of inclusions and services, making your trip cost-effective and hassle-free.

Our services are available to a wide range of individuals and groups, including:


  1. Individual Travelers: Solo travelers seeking assistance with planning and booking their trips can benefit from our services. We can tailor itineraries to your preferences and handle all the logistics.

  2. Families: Families looking for family-friendly vacations, accommodations, and activities can rely on our expertise to plan memorable trips that cater to all family members.

  3. Couples: Whether you're planning a romantic getaway, honeymoon, or anniversary celebration, we can help you create the perfect romantic experience.

  4. Groups: We specialize in organizing group travel, including tours for friends, family reunions, school groups, and corporate retreats. Our services can streamline the coordination of group travel and secure group rates.

  5. Business Travelers: Business travelers can benefit from our services for arranging flights, accommodations, transportation, and meeting facilities, making their business trips more efficient and comfortable.

  6. Special Occasions: We can assist in planning and booking travel for special occasions like weddings, destination weddings, milestone birthdays, and celebrations.

  7. Adventure Seekers: If you're an adventurer looking for thrilling experiences, we can help you plan adventure travel, including activities such as hiking, trekking, safaris, and more.

  8. Cultural Enthusiasts: Cultural travelers interested in exploring new cultures, history, and traditions can rely on our expertise to design culturally enriching experiences.

  9. Eco-conscious Travelers: For travelers who prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly travel, we can recommend eco-friendly accommodations and responsible travel options.

  10. Customized Travelers: Those seeking fully customized travel experiences can work with us to design itineraries that align with their specific interests, whether it's food, art, history, or any other passion.


Our services are flexible and adaptable to the needs and preferences of various types of travelers. Whether you're seeking a leisurely vacation, an adventure-filled journey, or a special occasion trip, we are here to assist in creating memorable travel experiences tailored to you.

Obtaining a quote for a tour package from a Parlo Tours does not incur a cost. Travel agencies typically offer free quotes as part of their customer service to help you plan and budget for your trip.


They will provide you with information on the tour package's price, inclusions, and any optional extras you may want to consider.

Certainly, you have the flexibility to work within a designated budget for your tour. Simply communicate your budgetary preferences during the consultation, and our consultant will adeptly customize your requirements to align with our existing tour packages.

Travel insurance can be a valuable addition when embarking on a packaged tour with a travel agency. While not obligatory, it offers an extra layer of protection. Travel insurance can cover expenses related to trip cancellations due to unforeseen events, medical emergencies, travel delays, lost luggage, and even rare circumstances like travel agency bankruptcy.


Assessing your risk tolerance, the trip's cost, and your personal circumstances can help determine whether investing in travel insurance is a prudent choice. Carefully reviewing policy terms and coverage options ensures it complements the protections already provided by the travel agency, enhancing your peace of mind while exploring new destinations.

Payment plans for tours booked through Parlo Tours may be available, but their availability and terms vary based on factors like the tour type, destination, and package selected. In most cases, a deposit is required upon reservation. If full payment is not received at least 30 days before the departure date, Parlo Tours reserves the right to cancel the reservation and forfeit the deposit.


Deposit requirements are as follows:

  1. Tours with a fare below RM4,999 require a RM1,000 deposit.

  2. Tours with fares between RM5,000 and RM9,999 necessitate a RM1,500 deposit.

  3. Tours with fares ranging from RM10,000 to RM14,999 require a RM2,000 deposit.

  4. For tours with fares of RM15,000 and above, a RM5,000 deposit is applicable.


Please note that these deposit amounts and payment terms are subject to change, and it's essential to refer to the specific tour's terms and conditions provided by Parlo Tours at the time of booking for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding payments and cancellation policies.

Generally, you can book your trip with Parlo Tours all year round however the timing for booking a trip with Parlo Tours can vary depending on several factors:


  1. Travel Dates: The best time to book your trip with Parlo Tours largely depends on when you intend to travel. If you have specific travel dates in mind, it's advisable to book well in advance, especially if you plan to travel during peak seasons or holidays. This allows you to secure accommodations and services while availability is high.

  2. Promotions and Discounts: Parlo Tours, like many travel agencies, may offer promotions, discounts, or early booking incentives for travelers who book their trips in advance. Keep an eye on their website or promotional announcements to take advantage of such offers.

  3. Group Travel: If you're planning group travel with Parlo Tours, it's generally recommended to book well in advance to ensure that all members of your group can secure their preferred travel dates and accommodations.

  4. Last-Minute Travel: In some cases, Parlo Tours may offer last-minute deals for travelers who are flexible with their travel dates. However, availability may be limited, so this approach may not be suitable for all destinations or preferences.

  5. Complex Itineraries: If your trip involves complex itineraries, multiple destinations, or special requests, booking well in advance is advisable to allow sufficient time for planning and coordination.

  6. Visa and Entry Requirements: Consider any visa or entry requirements for your destination, as these may necessitate advance planning and documentation.


In general, it's a good practice to start planning and booking your trip with Parlo Tours several months in advance, especially if you have specific travel dates or preferences. However, for travelers seeking last-minute deals or flexible travel options, it's worth checking with Parlo Tours periodically for any available offers.


Ultimately, the ideal booking timing depends on your individual travel needs and preferences.

To set up a consultation with Parlo Tours sales agents, you can follow these steps:


  1. Visit the Parlo Tours Website: Start by visiting the official Parlo Tours website at You can typically find contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses, on our "Contact Us" page.

  2. Email: You can send an email to us at, expressing your interest in a consultation. Be sure to include your name, contact information, preferred dates of travel, destination, and any specific questions or requirements you have.

  3. Phone: Call the phone number listed on the website to speak directly with a sales agent. This can be an efficient way to get immediate answers to your questions and schedule a consultation. Our landline numbers for KL office is +603 2726 6088 and Ipoh, +605 255 9566.

  4. Online Contact Form: Many travel agencies, including Parlo Tours, have an online contact form that you can fill out. Provide your details and inquiry through the form, and a representative will get back to you. If you already have an idea of where you want to go, you can register your interest by submitting an enquiry regarding the preferred package.

  5. Social Media: Parlo Tours also offer support and consultation services through our social media accounts. You can send them a message on platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or TikTok.

  6. Visit Our Office: If you prefer in-person interactions, you can visit our physical office location in our Kuala Lumpur branch in Kg.Attap and Ipoh branch in Jln. Sultan Abdul Jalil. Be sure to check our office hours and make an appointment if necessary.

  7. Travel Shows and Events: Parlo Tours often participate in travel shows and events such as MITM and MATTA. Attending one of these events can give you an opportunity to meet with their sales agents in person.


When scheduling a consultation, be prepared with specific details about your travel plans, such as preferred dates, destination, budget, and any special requests. This will help the sales agent provide you with more tailored advice and recommendations during the consultation.

Parlo Tours, like many reputable travel agencies, often strives to accommodate travelers with disabilities and special needs to ensure an inclusive and enjoyable travel experience. However, the extent of their services and the level of accessibility can vary depending on the destination, the type of tour, and the specific needs of the traveler.


Support and Assistance: Parlo Tours can provide knowledgeable staff or guides who are trained to assist travelers with disabilities and offer the necessary support during the trip.


It's essential for travelers with disabilities to communicate their needs and preferences to Parlo Tours during the booking process. This allows the travel agency to make appropriate arrangements and provide the best possible assistance. Additionally, it's advisable to inquire about the level of accessibility and the specific services available for disabled travelers when considering a particular tour or destination.


Ultimately, Parlo Tours' ability to accommodate travelers with disabilities may vary from one tour to another, so it's important to discuss your specific requirements with them and choose a tour that aligns with your needs.

Tour Price Includes - Your tour price includes a scheduled return economy class flight air ticket, excluding taxes, which is non-refundable and non-negotiable. Accommodation and meals as specified in the tour brochure/itineraries.


Tour price Excludes - Airport taxes, fuel surcharges, tipping, and visa fees do not form part of the tour fare and it should be borne by the passenger. The Company is only acting as an agency to collect the above charges therefore it is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the respective authorities & airlines.

As a traveler heading abroad, you should ensure you have the following essential documents with you:


  1. Passport: Your valid passport is the most critical travel document. Ensure that it has enough validity remaining for your entire trip, and some countries may require at least six months' validity beyond your planned departure date.

  2. Visas: Check the visa requirements of your destination country. Depending on where you're going, you may need a tourist visa or other specific types of visas. Apply for and obtain the necessary visas before your departure.

  3. Flight Tickets: Have your flight tickets, both for your outbound and return journeys, readily available. It's a good practice to keep both electronic and physical copies.

  4. Travel Insurance: Consider carrying your travel insurance policy and any relevant documentation. Ensure that you have contact information for your insurer and understand the coverage provided.

  5. Itinerary: Keep a copy of your travel itinerary, including details of your accommodation reservations, tours, and activities. This can be helpful for reference and in case of emergencies.

  6. Identification (ID): Carry an additional form of identification, such as a Malaysian identification card (IC) or driver's license, in case it's required or helpful during your travels.

  7. Health Documents: Depending on your destination, you may need health-related documents, such as vaccination certificates or a international certificate of vaccination for specific diseases.

  8. Money and Banking: Bring your credit/debit cards, traveler's checks, and some local currency of the country you're visiting. Make sure to notify your bank about your travel plans to avoid any issues with card usage abroad.

  9. Emergency Contacts: Keep a list of emergency contacts, which is your tour guides form Parlo Tours, and including the contact information for the nearest Malaysian embassy or consulate in the country you're visiting.

  10. Travel Apps and E-documents: Download useful travel apps, such as maps, translation apps, and digital copies of important documents, onto your smartphone or tablet.

  11. Prescriptions: If you have any essential medications, ensure you have prescriptions and a sufficient supply for the duration of your trip. Familiarize yourself with the medication regulations of your destination.

  12. Travel Tickets and Hotel Reservations: Have copies of your train, bus, or other transport tickets, as well as hotel reservations, if applicable.


Always make multiple copies of your important documents, store them separately from the originals, and consider using a travel document organizer or digital storage solutions to keep your information secure.


Additionally, check the specific entry requirements and travel advisories for your destination country well in advance to ensure you have all necessary documents for a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Yes, Parlo Tours typically offers services for booking group travel. They specialize in coordinating group trips and tours for various types of groups, including:


  1. Friends and Social Groups: Parlo Tours can help organize group vacations for friends, ensuring that everyone's preferences and interests are taken into account.

  2. Family Reunions: If you're planning a family reunion or gathering, Parlo Tours can assist in arranging accommodations, activities, and logistics to make the reunion memorable.

  3. School and Educational Groups: Parlo Tours can plan educational trips for schools and educational institutions, including field trips, study tours, and cultural exchanges.

  4. Corporate and Incentive Travel: For businesses, Parlo Tours can organize corporate retreats, team-building trips, and incentive travel programs to reward employees or partners.

  5. Special Interest Groups: Whether you have a group interested in a specific hobby, such as photography, cooking, or wildlife conservation, Parlo Tours can create customized itineraries to cater to these interests.

  6. Religious and Spiritual Groups: Parlo Tours can assist religious and spiritual groups in planning pilgrimage tours, retreats, and spiritual journeys to significant destinations.

  7. Community and Nonprofit Organizations: Community groups and nonprofit organizations can benefit from Parlo Tours' expertise in coordinating group travel for their members or participants.


When planning group travel with Parlo Tours, they can help with various aspects, including selecting suitable destinations, arranging accommodations, transportation, guided tours, and handling logistics to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all group members. It's advisable to contact Parlo Tours directly to discuss your specific group travel needs and receive personalized assistance in planning your group trip.

After booking your trip, you will receive your itinerary via email from Parlo Tours. Should you need assistance or have any questions, you can contact the consultant who assisted you with the booking.

During your trip with Parlo Tours, you will typically have contact with their tour guides, representatives, or customer service staff who can assist you with any issues, questions, or concerns you may have while you're on vacation. They are your primary point of contact for on-the-ground support.


Before embarking on your trip, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with Parlo Tours' contact information, including emergency contact numbers, and keep this information accessible during your vacation in case you need assistance.

If you encounter an issue with your upcoming trip with Parlo Tours, you should first contact Parlo Tours directly for assistance. Our support team that can help you with any problems or concerns you may have related to your trip.


You can typically find our contact information on our website, booking confirmation, or any documentation we have provided you with regarding your trip.

If you need to change the dates of your trip booked through Parlo Tours, the specific process and options available will depend on several factors, including the terms and conditions of your booking, the type of tour or package you've chosen, and the policies of the travel service providers involved (e.g., airlines, hotels, tour operators). Here are some general steps to consider:


  1. Contact Parlo Tours: Reach out to Parlo Tours as soon as you realize you need to change your travel dates. Our customer service team can guide you through the process and provide information on available options.

  2. Check Booking Terms and Conditions: Review the terms and conditions of your booking, including cancellation and rescheduling policies. This will help you understand any fees or penalties associated with changing your travel dates.

  3. Availability: Check the availability of accommodations, flights, and activities for your new travel dates. Availability may vary, especially during peak seasons.

  4. Additional Costs: Be prepared for the possibility of additional costs. Changing your travel dates may result in changes to pricing, such as different airfare rates or accommodation rates. Parlo Tours can provide information on any cost implications.

  5. Travel Insurance: If you have travel insurance, review your policy to see if it covers changes to travel dates and any associated costs. Depending on the circumstances, your insurance may provide coverage.

  6. Rescheduling Process: Parlo Tours will assist you in the rescheduling process, including contacting airlines, hotels, and other service providers to make the necessary changes to your itinerary.

  7. Confirm the Changes: Once the changes to your travel dates are confirmed, double-check your updated itinerary, including flight details, accommodations, and activities, to ensure accuracy. 


It's crucial to initiate the process of changing your travel dates as soon as you can, as availability and options may become limited closer to your original travel dates.


Additionally, be prepared for the possibility of fees or price differences associated with rescheduling. Clear communication with Parlo Tours and a thorough understanding of their policies are key to a smooth date change process.

When it comes to vacation cancellations, travelers who've collaborated with a travel agent can benefit significantly. They need only make a single call to the agent, who will manage the entire process, provided you have travel insurance.


Cancellation policies depend on factors such as the travel company, booking type, and reservation terms. To cancel through a travel agent, here are some key steps:


  1. Review Terms and Conditions: Carefully examine the terms and conditions provided by the travel organization, as they outline the cancellation procedure, related fees, and deadlines for penalty-free cancellations.

  2. Contact Your Agent: Reach out to your travel agent as soon as possible to initiate the cancellation process. They can guide you through the necessary steps and provide insights into potential fees and refund eligibility.

  3. Consider Travel Insurance: If you have travel insurance, take the time to review the policy's coverage and conditions regarding trip cancellations. Depending on the circumstances, your travel insurance may offer compensation for non-refundable payments.

  4. Document Communications: Maintain records of all your interactions with the travel agent, including emails, phone calls, and any contract changes or modifications made to your booking. This documentation can be valuable in case of disputes or issues that may arise.

  5. Refund Timing: Be aware that refund timelines may vary depending on the policies of airlines, hotels, and other service providers involved in your booking. Your travel agent should provide you with information on when to expect any applicable refunds.


It's essential to thoroughly understand the specific policies and fees associated with your reservation before proceeding with the cancellation, as it may result in the partial or total loss of pre-paid expenses. Kindly view our T&C to know more about cancellation information.

Your feedback is valuable to us, and we welcome you to share your thoughts and experiences with Parlo Tours. Please take a moment to leave your reviews and ratings on our Google MyBusiness page for KL or Ipoh branch.


Your input helps us continually improve our services to better meet your travel needs. Thank you for your support!