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Pick Your Favourites and Travel with Us! 6 Days 5 Nights Bali-venture. (Part 1)

Pick Your Favourites and Travel with Us! 6 Days 5 Nights Bali-venture. (Part 1)

News 20 Oct 2023

Bali, often referred to as the "Island of the Gods," is a paradise located in Indonesia, renowned for its enchanting blend of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. With its lush jungles, terraced rice fields, and pristine beaches, Bali offers breathtaking landscapes that captivate travelers. The island is steeped in spirituality, featuring ancient temples like Uluwatu and Besakih, where traditional rituals are practiced amidst serene surroundings. Bali's vibrant arts scene, delectable cuisine, and diverse activities, ranging from surfing in Kuta to exploring cultural hubs like Ubud, make it a diverse and captivating destination, appealing to nature enthusiasts, adventurers, and culture seekers alike.



5 Days 4 Nights Bali Trip

Parlo Tours is offering fellow travelers a 5 nights 4 days trip to Bali with a special fexibility in the itinerary. We are introducing this trip with a freedom for the travelers to make up their own choice of itinerary for two days via selecting from provided 9 options. This is for sure a good catch for a reasonable pricing!

The general structure of the itinerary for this trip is as follow:



9-Choose-1 Day Tour

These are the 9 different options that one can choose from according to personal preferences!

  1. Volkswagen Car Tour

Jatiluwih Paddy Field → Fruit Market →Lake Beratan → Ulundanu Temple


Firstly, Jatiluwih Paddy Fields, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bali, feature captivating terraced rice fields set against Mount Batukaru's backdrop. These lush green landscapes spanning 600 hectares showcase the Balinese Subak irrigation system, offering a serene escape for nature enthusiasts and cultural explorers. Visitors can admire the intricate agricultural practices and immerse themselves in the tranquility of this iconic Balinese destination.



Secondly, Bali's fruit markets, like Badung Market in Denpasar, offer vibrant displays of tropical fruits such as mangosteen, dragon fruit, and rambutan. Visitors can immerse themselves in the colorful sights and fragrant aromas while sampling a variety of fresh, locally grown fruits.



Thirdly, Lake Beratan, located in Bali, Indonesia, is a serene and picturesque lake nestled in the Bedugul Highlands. It is famous for the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, a beautiful water temple that appears to float on the lake's surface, making it a popular and scenic cultural attraction.

Lastly, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple, situated on the shores of Lake Beratan in Bali, is a mesmerizing water temple dedicated to the Hindu goddess Dewi Danu, the goddess of water, lakes, and rivers. This iconic Balinese temple is renowned for its stunning architecture, scenic location, and significant spiritual importance, making it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking both cultural and natural beauty experiences.


  1. 4WD Jeep Car Tour

Mount Batur Pine Forest & Back Lava → Coffee Plantation → Tirta Empul Tampak Siring


Mount Batur, an active volcano in Bali, boasts a unique landscape featuring a picturesque pine forest and vast stretches of black lava fields. The contrast between the lush greenery of the pine trees and the rugged terrain of the black lava creates a striking visual spectacle for hikers and nature enthusiasts. Climbing Mount Batur offers an opportunity to witness this captivating natural beauty, making it a popular trekking destination for those seeking adventure and breathtaking scenery in Bali.



Besides that, Bali is also home to lush coffee plantations, particularly in regions like Kintamani. Visitors can explore these plantations to learn about the intricate process of coffee cultivation, from bean picking to roasting. Bali's coffee plantations offer guided tours where travelers can enjoy tasting sessions of famous Balinese coffee varieties, including the renowned Kopi Luwak, made from beans ingested and excreted by civet cats.



Lastly, Tirta Empul Temple in Tampak Siring is a sacred water temple famous for its holy spring water. Pilgrims and visitors come to bathe in the purifying waters, believed to have healing properties in Balinese Hindu tradition. The temple's serene atmosphere and cultural significance make it a revered spiritual site and a compelling cultural experience for tourists.


  1. North Bali Tour with Photography Service

Wanagiri Hidden Hill → Strawberry Farm Stop → Jatiluwih Paddy Field → Fruit Market → Lake Beratan → Ulundanu Temple → Tanah Lot


Wanagiri Hidden Hill is a picturesque spot offering panoramic views of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan. Famous for its iconic Bali Swing and vibrant bird's nest perches, it's a popular destination for stunning photo opportunities against the backdrop of lush forests and serene lakes. Visitors can enjoy the thrill of the swings and capture breathtaking moments in this scenic and Instagram-worthy location.

Next, Bali's strawberry farms, like those in Bedugul, invite visitors to pick fresh strawberries and enjoy farm-to-table experiences. Tourists can indulge in picking their own strawberries while savoring the sweetness of freshly harvested fruits, creating a delightful and memorable culinary experience.



Finally, Tanah Lot, a renowned sea temple in Bali, stands majestically on a rock formation, surrounded by the Indian Ocean waves. It is a symbol of Balinese spirituality and offers spectacular sunset views, making it a popular destination for both religious pilgrims and tourists. The temple's unique location and cultural significance make it one of Bali's most iconic and photographed landmarks.


  1. Nusa Penida Tour (No Photographer) West Tour

Crystal Bay → Broken Beach → Angel's Billabong → Kelingking Beach


Crystal Bay, situated on the west coast of Nusa Penida, Bali's neighboring island, is a pristine beach known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and vibrant marine life. It's a haven for snorkelers and divers, offering opportunities to encounter Mola Mola (sunfish) and colorful coral reefs. The breathtaking scenery and diverse underwater world make Crystal Bay a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and water sports lovers.



Apart from that, Broken Beach, located on the southwestern coast of Nusa Penida, is a natural wonder known for its unique circular cliff formation with a hole in the middle. The beach provides stunning panoramic views of the deep blue ocean and is surrounded by rugged cliffs, creating a dramatic landscape. Visitors can marvel at the mesmerizing sight of waves crashing through the natural arch, making it a popular spot for photography, and appreciating the raw beauty of nature.



Then, Angel's Billabong is a mesmerizing natural infinity pool formed by the tide's erosion. It offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean. Visitors can swim in the natural pool, surrounded by picturesque rock formations, making it a popular destination for nature lovers.



Finally, Kelingking Beach, renowned for its iconic T-Rex-shaped cliff and pristine white sand. The beach offers panoramic views of the turquoise waters and rugged coastline, making it a popular spot for hiking and photography. Its dramatic cliffs and crystal-clear waters make Kelingking Beach one of a kind!


  1. Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park (includes safari journey, animal show, big cat show, elephant show) → UluwatuTemple


Bali Safari Park, nestled in the heart of Bali's lush wilderness, is a captivating haven for wildlife enthusiasts and families alike. Spanning over 40 hectares, the park offers an immersive experience where visitors can encounter exotic animals from around the world in environments that closely mimic their natural habitats. From majestic elephants and Sumatran tigers to playful orangutans and rare Komodo dragons, the park is home to a diverse array of species. The park's unique feature lies in its safari journey, allowing guests to embark on thrilling tram rides through different regions, observing these magnificent creatures up close. Additionally, Bali Safari Park emphasizes conservation and education, aiming to raise awareness about endangered species and promote wildlife protection. Visitors can participate in various interactive experiences, educational shows, and animal feeding sessions, making it a memorable and educational adventure for visitors of all ages.



On the other hand, Uluwatu Temple, perched on a dramatic cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, is one of Bali's most iconic sea temples. Located in the southern part of the island, this ancient temple is not only a significant spiritual site but also offers breathtaking ocean views, especially during sunset. The temple is dedicated to the spirits of the sea and is an important site for Balinese Hindus. Visitors can witness traditional Kecak dance performances against the backdrop of the setting sun, making it a unique and culturally enriching experience. However, it's essential to be respectful of the temple's customs and the resident monkeys who inhabit the area when visiting this majestic Balinese landmark.


Will be continued in Part 2

Interested? Click here to look through the itinerary for detailed understanding of the package. For further information, contact our Ground Tour Specialist: 03-2726 6002 and WhatsApp: 017-266 9588 .

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Why choose Bali as your next holiday destination?

Why choose Bali as your next holiday destination?

News 19 Oct 2023

Bali, an enchanting island located in Indonesia, is a popular tourist destination known for its breathtaking natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality. With its lush jungles, picturesque rice terraces, stunning beaches, and vibrant arts scene, Bali offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers. Visitors can explore ancient temples, enjoy water sports, indulge in spa treatments, savor delicious cuisine, and witness traditional dance performances. The island's unique blend of spirituality, traditions, and modern attractions makes it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a memorable and diverse vacation experience.

Here are the compelling reasons on why Bali is a popular travel destination:
•    Natural Beauty: Bali offers breathtaking natural landscapes, including stunning beaches, lush rice terraces, waterfalls, and active volcanoes. The island's diverse geography provides a range of outdoor activities, from surfing to hiking.

•    Rich Culture: Bali has a unique and vibrant culture, deeply rooted in Balinese Hinduism. You can experience traditional dance performances, visit ancient temples, and witness daily rituals that are integral to Balinese life.

•    Warm Hospitality: The Balinese people are known for their warm and welcoming nature. You'll often encounter genuine hospitality and friendliness throughout your trip.

•    Wellness and Relaxation: Bali is renowned for its wellness and spa experiences. You can indulge in rejuvenating massages, yoga retreats, and holistic therapies in serene settings.

•    Adventure: For adventure seekers, Bali offers activities like white-water rafting, scuba diving, and volcano treks. The island's diverse terrain makes it an excellent destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

•    Delicious Cuisine: Balinese cuisine is flavorful and diverse, with local dishes like Nasi Goreng and Satay. The island also has a vibrant food scene with international restaurants and street food vendors.

•    Affordable Travel: Bali is relatively affordable compared to many other tourist destinations. You can enjoy a high standard of living without breaking the bank.

•    Balinese Festivals: Witnessing Balinese festivals and celebrations can be a unique cultural experience. Events like Galungan and Nyepi are colorful and deeply rooted in tradition.

•    Shopping: Bali offers a wide range of shopping experiences, from local markets selling handicrafts and souvenirs to high-end boutiques and art galleries.

•    Diverse Accommodation: Bali provides a wide range of accommodation options, from luxury resorts and boutique hotels to budget-friendly hostels and homestays, catering to various preferences and budgets.

In nutshell, keep in mind that while Bali has many attractions, it's essential to be respectful of local customs and traditions while visiting this beautiful island.


All that said, if you are interested to join a 6 Days 5 Nights Trip to Bali, click here to look through the itinerary for detailed understanding on the package. For further information, contact our Ground Tour Specialist: 03-2726 6002 and WhatsApp: 017-266 9588 .


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Why should you follow the tour? Guangxi, a region for free and easy trips!

Why should you follow the tour? Guangxi, a region for free and easy trips!

News 16 Oct 2023

China, famously known for its long history and countless dynasties, never once failed to impress us with its heart-throbbing sceneries. Guangxi, officially known as Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is an autonomous region located in the People’s Republic of China. 

Usually, most of our travelers visit China by following the ‘Guilin + Yangshuo + Longsheng’ travel package. The introduction for these locations is as follows:


Guilin - Meaning “forest of sweet osmanthus” is a prefecture-level city that is located on the west bank of the Li River and the borders of Hunan. Thus, the epithet “By water, by mountains, most lovely, Guilin” is often associated with the city. 


Yangshuo - Offers breathtaking scenery along the hill-lined Li River. Besides that, the streets in Yangshuo are preserved for its ancient looks.


Longsheng - Famous for its terraced fields that are built on the sides of the mountains between 600 and 800 meters above sea level. 

Honestly, China is a country that is very suitable for a free and easy tour because travelling can be arranged with lesser head counts, hotel choices are provided for personal preferences and vacation dates can be chosen at own ease.

Hence, paying a visit to the mountainous terrain, mesmerizing rice terrace and culturally rich region will surely be worth every penny. Below are the few tourist attraction spots included in the tour package that you should look forward to!



1)    Shangri-la Park

Shangri-la Park is known as Shi Wai Tao Yuan, which translates to ‘A wonderland with flourishing peach blossoms”.  And that says it all!

Located in the center of Yanzi Lake, Shangri-la Park is the embodiment of the gateway to heaven. The exquisitely eye-catching garden features a series of beautiful landscapes such as Yanzi Cave, a lotus pond, and peach trees.

Apart from the aesthetic scenery, Shangri-la Park is also a hub for cultural appreciation. There will be performances and demonstrations on old customs and cultures of ethnic tribes in north Guangxi showcased there too. 



2)    Lijiang-Bay (Lijiangwan)

This scenic spot is located an hour drive away from Yangshuo. 

Upon arriving at the destination, travelers would be able to take a spin on a boat cruise to indulge in the serenity of the atmosphere. It must be highlighted that a mountainous view accompanied by the mirroring water does nothing other than leave one awestruck with the mystical formation of nature. 

Besides that, other activities such as dragon boar rowing and watching eagle catch fish are also what keeps the place withhold its lasting effect on travelers. 



3)    Elephant Trunk Hill

Addressed as the symbol of Gulin, the Elephant Trunk Hill has been one of the top tourist attractions in Guangxi since the Tang Dynasty. The origin of the name is due to weathered limestone hills formed into an image of an elephant drinking water from the Li River. A miraculous phenomenon indeed!

The arch of the “elephant’s trunk” called Water Moon Cave is a landmark that holds fascination from many. In the past, there have been many paintings and poems inspired by this magnificence. 

In addition to that, climbing up the hill, visitors also get to view the surroundings from the Elephant’s Eye Cave. The captivating riverscape of the place would snatch your heart away in just a glance. 



4)    Sun Moon Tower

Sun and Moon Tower are a twin Pagoda located at Shanhu Lake. 

The golden tower (Sun Tower) is a nine-storeyed, 41 meters high architecture that is connected by an underground tunnel to the silver tower (Moon Tower) which stands seven storey, 35 meters tall. 

This well-known scenic spot in Guilin city is a must-visit after dawn as it is beautifully illuminated at night. Brightening up the place, exuding a glow that puts one in a trance. Truly captivating indeed!



5)    Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is a 666 meters long street located in 1000-year-old Zhengyang Road. A stroll along the street is not deemed complete unless you get to see the red 17.5 meters tall bell tower which is recognized as the symbol of the street now. 

Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is a famous street that provides food, leisure, shopping and even entertainment. The buildings along the street mainly retain the tradition of Guilin whereby stone carvings of landscapes and the cultural features and histories are preserved well.

All things said, this is the perfect place to get your hands on the mouth-watering local delights and snacks as the best way to end a tiring day out!



6)    Longsheng Rice Terraces 

Interesting fact: Longsheng Rice Terraces (Dragon’s Victory) is also known as Longji Rice Terraces (Dragon’s Backbone) gained the name as the rice terrace landscape resembles Dragon’s scales and the summit of the mountain as the backbone of a dragon.

The terraced fields are built along the slope of the mountain, starting from the top to the riverside at the bottom of the mountain. The nature farming style eventually became a sight to the sore eyes as viewpoints of rice terraces’ changes according to the 4 seasons painting a different landscape on each season. Well, the best season to visit the destination would be during the summer and fall.

To experience the best view, it is highly encouraged to head to the viewing point called Nine Dragons Five Tigers in Ping’An Zhuang Village. Apart from the scenic fulfilment, one gets to learn more about the traditions of Zhuang minority from the villagers here!




Currently, Parlo Tours offers a 6days 5nights tour package to Guangxi inclusive of various itineraries for Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng. Here are some of the main attractions included in the package that you don’t want to miss out on.


6 Days 5 Nights Guilin + Yangshuo + Longsheng

For a 6 Days 5 Nights trip to Guilin, Yangshuo and Longsheng, click here to look through the itinerary for detailed understanding on the flow of the package. For further information, contact our Ground Tour Specialist:  03-2726 6002 and WhatsApp: 017-266 9588


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Sea World 2.jpg

6Days 5Nights Non-Stop Adventure in Gold Coast, Queensland

6Days 5Nights Non-Stop Adventure in Gold Coast, Queensland

News 12 Oct 2023

Have you made any plans on what you would like to tick off from your bucket list during the 4th quarter of 2023? Here is a suggestion from Parlo Tours to help you ease the hassle. Gold Coast, Queensland sounds awesome to leave away your study and work stress for! 6 Days 5 Nights vacation to Australia as you indulge in the numerous fun activities is the best way to end the year right.

The Gold Coast is flooded with breathtaking scenery which constantly invites you for endless beach days. Imagine waking up to the sea breeze brushing across your face while being sun-kissed as the perfect start and end to your days. Well, that is definitely what you are missing out on in life! Apart from that, Gold Coast is also the place to be if you want to get a taste of ‘Aussie Life’ during your stay away from the piled-up workload on your desk. Your carefree days in Australia will be guaranteed with sandy beaches, sophisticated dine ins, mouth-watering street food, electrifying nightlife, and addictive shopping!

 Theme Parks to explore in Gold Coast, Queensland!


  1. Warner Bros. Movie World

A visit to Gold Coast is never complete without stepping one’s foot into Warner Bros Movie World. Being the only-movie themes amusement park surely speaks for itself as the most visited theme park in the region for every age appropriate. This theme park is filled with different shades of excitements inclusive of shows, performances, rides, 4D film experience and even film exhibition.

If you are DC geek, then one of the must-not-miss would be the limited time available Warner Bros Studio Showcase of Batman Legacy. Whereby, this exhibition showcases various legendary props and costumes from different layers of Batman cinematic universe.

Besides that, The Star Parade is also something you must look forward to when you watch your favorite characters come to live! Parlo Tours can assure you that this is where your inner child has always dreamt to be in. Apart from meet and greet sessions, you will also be able to enjoy your visit with attention-grabbing performances throughout the day.

Talking about performance, you may want to buckle up for the stunt shows too. We strongly urge you to experience the movie making adventure that keeps you at the edge of your seats. Watching exhilarating car scenes and extreme precision driving through a screen is exciting but you know what is better? Witnessing them in real life rather than in reel life!

Last but not least, make sure to get your adrenaline pumped with the array of rides, especially on the tallest, longest and fastest Hyper Coaster in the Southern Hemisphere!


  1. Wet N Wild

Being renowned as Australia’s biggest water theme park, spending a day in Wet N Wild is a never-to-miss adventure during your visit in Gold Coast. Let it be a family day out, honeymoon for lovebirds or even goofing around with your friends, this is the perfect place to make memories that will splash for a lifetime.

There are several fun and heart-racing activities that you can occupy yourselves with, inclusive of wave pool, body water slide, raft ride, tube water ride, flowrider, huge aquatic playground for children and many more. As the list goes on, each activity is specified with individual thrill level ranging from mild to extreme. Easily said, you get to decide how drenched to wish to be.

Pssssttt... bet you don’t want to miss out on sliding down the tallest water park slide tower in the whole Australia. Intriguing? For sure it is!


  1. Paradise Country

If you wish to discover Australian wildlife during your stay in Gold Coast, Paradise Country is the answer you have been seeking for! Encountering and experiencing the presence of these animals within a stone’s throw away range is as incredible as it sounds.

The destination is not only filled with exhibits but also keeps you entertained with shows and presentations. Do also look forward to meeting and greeting Shaun the Sheep and Bitzer as they show you around their little farm world.

Compared to other destinations in Gold Coast, Paradise Country diverts more towards relaxation, interactiveness and appreciation of a part of what makes Australia unique. Thus, Parlo Tours encourages you to spend a laid-back day on the farm, take beautiful pictures, pet the animals, and cherish the memories as one of the best days in your life.


  1. Paradise Jet Boating

Paradise Jet Boating in Broadwater provides a new definition for sightseeing!

This specific activity can assure you of one thing – enjoying the scenery while having your heart pumping out of your chest. It is a one-of-a-kind life-changing experience that you never ever want to miss out on when you visit Gold Coast. Why so? Trust us, action speaks louder than words in this one!

The most common trip on a jet boat is inclusive of full 360° spin, high speed drifting, power slides and beach-buzzing. Need not much to say, Paradise Jet Boating always surpasses one’s expectation as all you have got to do is sit back, get your life jacket on, and be prepared to scream your lungs out with excitement!

Remember to bring extra clothes for the ride as never once anyone was able to leave the boat dry!


  1. Sea World

Fellow Atlanteans, home calls for you!

If you are a person that is fascinated by aquatic life, Sea World Gold Coast is the place for you. There are hundreds of marine animals in Sea World which are dolphins, polar bears, sea lions, sharks, penguins, manta rays, sea jellies and many more.

Sea World also paves a way for you to be in the presence of your favourite Nickelodeon characters such as Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Dora the Explorer. Where you get to experience an exclusive meet and greet while enjoying live performances. In addition to that, don’t miss out on the exhilarating and family-friendly rides in Nickelodeon Land and more!

For those that want to get a closer look at the animals, you may explore Animal Adventure where you get to interact with seals, penguins and dolphins alongside your children and share the meaningful moment with pure joy.


  1. Dreamworld

Feeling a little lazy to walk around already? Worry no more, hop on the Dreamworld express from Central Park Station, and let your day begin with a toot-toot!

Dreamworld is the destination that would make your all your kids’ dreams come true, leaving them spoiled with choices! You name it and they have it! Amusement Park, water park, wildlife park, and entertainments. This is a one place wonder that has the capacity to accommodate all sorts of fun.

All that’s left is for you to plan your trip with Parlo Tours!


For a 6 Days 5 Nights trip to Gold Coast + Warner Village Theme Park + Jet Boating, click here to look through the itinerary to plan a hassle-free vacation with your loved ones! For further information, contact our Ground Tour Specialist: 03-2726 6002 and WhatsApp: 017-266 9588 .

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Namsan Seoul Tower-Cable Car.jpg

Explore GYEONGGI & SEOUL to the MAX: The 8 BEST PLACES you shouldn't miss!

Explore GYEONGGI & SEOUL to the MAX: The 8 BEST PLACES you shouldn't miss!

Tips & Advice 05 Oct 2023


Korea is always the hottest destination among all age groups!

Have you been to Gyeonggi and Seoul before?

No need to spend too much time; you can fully enjoy your great tour in Gyeonggi and Seoul!


Gyeonggi Province:


Nestled around South Korea's bustling capital, Seoul, Gyeonggi Province beckons travelers with its harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. This dynamic province is a treasure trove of diverse experiences. Nature enthusiasts can explore lush mountains, serene rivers, and picturesque countryside, offering opportunities for hiking, biking, and relaxation. History buffs can discover ancient temples, royal palaces, and traditional villages, immersing themselves in Korea's rich cultural heritage. Gyeonggi-do is also known for its modern cities like Suwon, Incheon, and Yongin, where travelers can enjoy shopping, dining, and vibrant nightlife. The province's culinary scene delights food enthusiasts with a wide range of Korean dishes and international cuisine. Gyeonggi-do's strategic location makes it an ideal base for exploring Seoul and other parts of South Korea, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a diverse and enriching travel experience.


Best things to do in Gyeonggi-do 2023 | Attractions & activities - Klook  Malaysia




Seoul, the thriving heart of South Korea, is a captivating fusion of ancient traditions and cutting-edge modernity. As a global metropolis, Seoul offers an exhilarating blend of history, culture, and contemporary living. Wander through historic neighborhoods like Bukchon Hanok Village, where traditional Korean architecture comes to life, or explore the grandeur of Gyeongbokgung Palace, a symbol of the nation's rich past. Dive into the vibrant street food scene at bustling markets like Myeongdong, and indulge in authentic Korean barbecue or bibimbap at local restaurants. Seoul's shopping districts, including the famous Dongdaemun and Insadong, are a paradise for fashionistas and souvenir hunters. The city's efficient public transportation system makes it easy to navigate and explore its many neighborhoods, each offering a unique charm and a glimpse into South Korea's multifaceted culture. With its historic treasures, bustling markets, world-class dining, and lively entertainment, Seoul promises an unforgettable urban adventure.


Seoul city guide: Where to stay, eat, drink and shop in South Korea's  delicious pop culture capital | The Independent



8 places you must visit in Seoul and Gyeonggi



Aegibong Peace Ecological Park


애기봉평화생태공원 > About Aegibong Peace Ecopark > About Aegibong


Aegibong Peace Ecological Park in South Korea is a serene haven that harmoniously merges nature's beauty, historical significance, and ecological preservation. Nestled within picturesque hills, it was once a battlefield during the Korean War but now stands as a symbol of peace and reconciliation. The park offers well-maintained trails, serene ponds, and groves for reflection. Beyond its scenic charm, the park actively contributes to local ecological conservation efforts, emphasizing the coexistence of nature and history. Whether you're strolling, picnicking, or simply seeking tranquility, Aegibong Peace Ecological Park provides a space for reflection, connection with nature, and a reminder of hope for a peaceful future.



Positive Space 566


포지티브스페이스566 - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전



Positive space 566 - DayTrip


Positive Space 566 is a dynamic and inclusive community dedicated to fostering creativity, innovation, and personal growth. This vibrant hub brings together individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, providing a collaborative environment where ideas flourish and connections thrive. Whether you're an entrepreneur, artist, or simply seeking inspiration, Positive Space 566 offers a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for networking, skill-building, and exploring new horizons. With a wide range of events, workshops, and resources, it's a place where positivity, creativity, and personal development intersect to empower individuals and drive positive change.



Gwangmyeong Cave


Gwangmyeong Cave & getting there | KoreaToDo


Gwangmyeong Cave, located in Gwangmyeong, South Korea, is a captivating underground wonder that seamlessly combines history, culture, and adventure. Originally a mining site for limestone and gold, this vast underground complex has been transformed into a unique attraction. Visitors can explore its intricately illuminated caverns adorned with stunning stalactites and stalagmites, taking a journey through the rich history of mining in Korea. Beyond its geological wonders, Gwangmyeong Cave also offers cultural exhibitions, art installations, and even an underground wine tunnel, making it a multifaceted destination that blends natural beauty with cultural enrichment, making it a must-visit in South Korea.



Korean Folk Village




Korean Folk Village, nestled in the heart of South Korea, is a living museum that transports visitors back in time to experience the rich heritage, culture, and traditions of Korea's past. This meticulously recreated village is a vibrant showcase of traditional Korean architecture, lifestyle, and customs, featuring authentic houses, workshops, and performances. As you stroll through its charming streets, you'll encounter artisans crafting pottery, weaving textiles, and practicing traditional arts. The village comes to life with cultural performances, including traditional music, dance, and reenactments of historical events, offering an immersive journey into the country's captivating history. Korean Folk Village is a captivating destination that provides a deep and enriching insight into Korea's cultural tapestry.



Jebudo Island


Jebudo Island


Jebudo Island, nestled off the west coast of South Korea, is a tranquil coastal haven that beckons travelers with its natural beauty and serene ambiance. Accessible via a bridge, Jebudo is known for its expansive tidal flats, serene beaches, and picturesque landscapes. Visitors can explore the island's charming fishing villages, witness the mesmerizing ebb and flow of the tides, and indulge in fresh seafood delicacies. Whether you're strolling along the coastline, collecting seashells, or enjoying the serene sunset views, Jebudo offers a peaceful escape from the bustle of city life and a glimpse into the simple, coastal charm of South Korea's islands.



Suwon Hwaseong Fortress




Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Suwon, South Korea, is a magnificent historical treasure that seamlessly blends architectural brilliance, cultural significance, and natural beauty. Constructed in the late 18th century, this stunning fortress is a testament to Korea's rich history. Its imposing walls, adorned with ornate gates, watchtowers, and arrow slits, showcase the architectural prowess of the Joseon Dynasty. Visitors can walk along the fortress walls, enjoying panoramic views of Suwon and the surrounding landscape. The fortress also hosts cultural events and performances that transport you back in time, offering a captivating and immersive journey into Korea's past. Suwon Hwaseong Fortress stands as a remarkable symbol of the nation's heritage, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and travelers alike.



Bukchon Hanok Village



Bukchon Hanok Village, nestled in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, is a timeless enclave that offers a captivating glimpse into the country's traditional architecture and cultural heritage. This beautifully preserved village is a living museum of Korean history, with its winding alleyways lined by well-preserved hanok houses, showcasing the elegant design and craftsmanship of the Joseon Dynasty. Visitors can immerse themselves in the serene ambiance of the village, exploring charming teahouses, art galleries, and cultural centers. The village's location between two royal palaces, Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung, adds to its historical significance and makes it a must-visit destination for those seeking to step back in time and experience the beauty of Korea's architectural heritage.



Ikseon-dong Café Street



Ikseon-dong Café Street, nestled in the heart of Seoul, South Korea, is a beguiling enclave that seamlessly marries tradition and modernity. This enchanting neighborhood, known for its well-preserved hanok buildings and winding alleys, has been transformed into a thriving hub of creativity and gastronomy. Visitors can wander through its charming streets, discovering an array of stylish cafes, boutique shops, and art galleries tucked away in historic Korean houses. The blend of traditional architecture with contemporary flair creates a unique and Instagram-worthy atmosphere, making it a popular destination for those seeking to savor both the essence of old Korea and the vibrancy of its modern café culture. Ikseon-dong Café Street invites you to explore its delightful fusion of past and present while enjoying a cup of artisanal coffee or a delectable treat in a setting that's both nostalgic and chic.




It's hard to go to these places one by one.


Don't worry, we're introducing our 6D4N Explore Gyeonggi and Seoul. It's free and easy, but we have prepared the transportation and hotels for you! Just relax and enjoy all these beautiful places!



The details of the tour package:



Wait no more and contact us now for more details:

Hotline: 03-2027 6002 ( K.L Branch ) / 05-255 9566 ( Ipoh Branch )

WhatsApp No.: 017-226 9588





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Girls Day Out! 6D4N EXPLORE KOREA: Ladies Tour, specials for friends and sisters

Girls Day Out! 6D4N EXPLORE KOREA: Ladies Tour, specials for friends and sisters

Tips & Advice 05 Oct 2023

Travel is always the best way to enhance a relationship!

It's time for girl days out! Date your best friends, your mothers, your sisters, your daughter, your aunt, and other girls to have a fabulous trip in Korea! In this article, we would like to recommend a very nice destination that is suitable for girls' travel, called Gyeonggi-do!

Gyeonggi-do, located in South Korea, is a region that offers a captivating blend of tradition and modernity, nature and urban experiences, making it an excellent destination for travelers.


Here's a travel description of Gyeonggi-do:


Gyeonggi-do, often referred to as the "Province of the Capital Region," is a dynamic and multifaceted destination in South Korea. Nestled around Seoul, the nation's bustling capital, this province seamlessly combines the charm of traditional Korea with the innovation of the modern world. Visitors can explore a diverse range of attractions and experiences within its borders.

Natural Beauty: Gyeonggi-do boasts stunning natural landscapes, including lush mountains, serene rivers, and picturesque countryside. 



Historical Riches: History buffs will be delighted by the province's historical sites, such as ancient temples, royal palaces, and traditional villages. Highlights include Suwon's Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the charming hanok villages in various parts of Gyeonggi-do.



Cultural Diversity: Gyeonggi-do is a melting pot of cultures. The province hosts various cultural festivals, art exhibitions, and performances throughout the year, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in Korean traditions and contemporary creativity.


Modern Amenities: Gyeonggi-do is home to bustling cities like Suwon, Incheon, and Yongin, which offer modern amenities, shopping districts, and vibrant nightlife. Incheon, in particular, is known for its international airport and the bustling Songdo International Business District.


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Cuisine: The province's culinary scene is a treat for food enthusiasts. Sample delicious Korean dishes, street food, and international cuisine at local markets, restaurants, and street stalls.


Gyeonggi-do's strategic location and diverse offerings make it an ideal starting point for exploring other parts of South Korea. Whether you're seeking adventure in nature, a cultural journey through history, or the excitement of a modern metropolis, Gyeonggi-do has something to offer every traveler.





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