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We have been around the travel industry longer than most and can be proud to say that we know what is required to become the preferred travel brand for travelers. We have always believed in giving a personalized touch to all our customers dream holiday.

Our services encompass group tours, private tours, free and easy, ticketing & corporate travel solutions. Innovation is, by its very nature, a never-ending process, one which is crucial to the continuing success, with 50 over professional and experienced staff and 2 main sales service centres covering northern and central Malaysia.

As our tagline said, “experiences matter”. It is always our top priority in ensuring our customers experience personalised and enjoyable journeys, as we believed wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.

“Experiences Matter.”

Our tagline

Experience is everything, to everyone. A good travel experience is more than just a destination and services. It is a feeling that is created during every interaction, defining and building lasting memory, not just with your love ones, but with the people, places and every single moment you embraced.

In Parlo Tours, we believed that with our years of experience, we can craft your dream destination and experience with our expertise and experiences, as said, “Experiences Matter”.

Tell us about your destination today and we will cater you with an
exclusive travel experience.

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